Where is the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp located?

So you are looking to join the fitness Bootcamp in Thailand and of course, you would love to know where its located. The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp is located in Phuket. In the quiet area of course, as we do wish to distract you from your training and healthy lifestyle as little as possible.

The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp has a big open-air fitness area with all the equipment you can think off. Our fitness classes are in the outdoor (but covered) area, so you really feel you are in Thailand. Plus we even have an assault course. Also at the Ultimate Fitness Thailand Bootcamp, we have an indoor gym, 3 stories with new quality equipment and the gym in Thailand is air-conditioned.

The bootcamp is located in Chalong, Phuket

Phuket has an international airport and the camp is located about a 40 min drive from the airport.

The Agents of the Thailand Bootcamp are Xtreme Gap Year, Kilroy Travel Scandinavia, STA, Crown Travel and USIT

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