Thailand Fitness Bootcamp Reviews

Felix de Visser, a chef from The Netherlands, came to the UF Thailand Bootcamp and was not happy with the extra weight he had on his body. He came to join us to make a change and feel good about himself again.  he told us: I am 15kg overweight and out of shape, can you help me achieve my goals. He made a lifestyle change and lost the extra kilo´s and gained muscle and is now much more confident and super healthy!

We had a quick talk with him to talk about his unbelievable body transformation during the last four months and wrote it in this blog below.

What motivated you to come to the Thailand Bootcamp?

“I was overweight weighing 104kg and was unfit and really tired of the rat-race back home, working hard and long hours and not taking care of my self, my diet or my training. This seemed like a good combination for me, I get to travel to a warm country and train and eat healthily.“

What were your goals?

“As my fitness was bad I just wanted to get in shape and lose 15kg. Some other goals were to learn how to do a pull-up. I had not much prior knowledge and here I been given the tools now to carry on myself once I leave.”

What did your day look like at the Thailand Bootcamp?

“It was all about training and eating healthy. We did yoga in the morning then a HIIT class (360) followed by breakfast. Sometimes I skipped Yoga, but I always made it to the 360 class. Relax during midday, maybe do some swimming or some activities by the pool, just not doing nothing was my plan. I wanted to be as active as possible to constantly burn fat. The afternoon we had a strength class followed by spinning then we all had dinner.

This was the routine for four weeks, we had a rest day on Thursday afternoons and on Sundays. But I always tried to do something, so Sundays were beach days! and I did some laps in the sea.

When I came home after four weeks I missed it so much so after less than a month I was back here for another eight weeks! Instead of travelling around in Asia, I decided to come back as I felt I wasn’t done, I had not reached my goals and I wanted to take care of my self rather than travelling and partying.”

What was the best about the Bootcamp?

The training and the people. The classes are really fun and the people are here on holiday as well, so the feeling is very relaxed and people are so friendly and social. I met so many nice, like-minded people here, and as they all join the training classes and do clean eating it is a lot easier as you are not in it alone, you have your fellow Bootcampers with you. There were a lot of girls which was a surprise, a very positive surprise :).”

“My PT was also amazing, teaching me a lot about technique, programming and how to eat in order to maximize my results.”

I also got introduced to a whole new world of fitness and travel and can combine it with work which is a dream come true! Now I landed a photography job the next couple of months in India then I am off to Africa so this trip really changed my life in such a positive way.”

What was the worst?

Time went by WAY WAY to fast wish I could stay longer!

This is a really great guy and an inspiration! He lost 15kg and gained a couple of kg´s of muscle and now he is under 90kg and super fit. 


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