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Seven Steps to a Positive Mindset

In the current world, it has never been so important to adopt and maintain a healthy positive attitude as now.

Positive thinking is crucial for our mental and physical health, more than many may think. It is great for helping to stave off anxiety and depression restoring emotional balance, to alleviate stress, to keep you motivated to stay active, busy and happy, and to maintain a healthy immune system

Some may say this is easier said than done for many. Here we list some fabulous ways to help you to stay positive during these trying times.


  1. Mindfulness and Meditation

The best way to describe Mindfulness is ‘present moment awareness’ and focusing on the now, as opposed to focusing on the past (depression) and worrying about the future (anxiety). Whilst it can be difficult not to mull over the past and have ‘what if’ thoughts in times of uncertainty, it helps vastly to live in the now for today. There are various ways to train and discipline your thoughts via Mindfulness and Meditation. Some ways include breathing exercises, focus on each inhale and exhale, being aware of your own body, and even doing something you enjoy which makes you escape all your thoughts and worries. There are also many online tools to guide you, such as a useful app called Calm.

  1. Gratitude

Instead of focusing on your woes, shift your mindset by being grateful. Start the day off on the right foot by thinking, writing down or saying out loud what you are grateful for, however big or small. Remember, there is always someone else worse off than you, however, bad things seem.

  1. Exercise

Staying active at home or on an active holiday is crucial and the benefits are endless. As well as the physical benefits, it has been proven that exercise aids mental wellbeing and good mood via endorphin release, decreases stress, anxiety and depression, and boosts the immune system. Even at home, we can all be creative and find ways to stay active using the environment around us (see our online workout videos and blog on how to exercise at home!). We can use steps, walls chairs, tables and just our own bodyweight. Another great way is to monitor your steps. If you don’t have a pedometer you can download the Pacer app to your phone and set yourself a daily goal to smash via marching on the spot, dancing, or if you can, walking or jogging around your garden or home. Dancing to your favourite upbeat music is a fabulous way to feel happier and get moving. Your body and mind will thank you!

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  1. Time out

It’s tempting to be online a lot, scrolling through social media and checking the news, but this can be terribly draining, very negative and can cause a lot of anxiety. Protect yourself and be disciplined by allowing yourself to check what’s going on in the outside world twice a day, and in between switch off all gadgets and have time out. Also form boundaries to protect yourself from others who might be offloading on you with their worries which can drain you of positive energy and bring you down. One way can be to imagine a protective bubble around you and do not allow anyone to burst your bubble. Use your time out to do productive things you enjoy which help your mind to switch off, such as DIY, cooking, gardening, working out or learning a new language.

  1. Nature

If you are lucky and you can get outside, then do this as much as possible. Nature, fresh air, daylight and vitamin D are great for mental well being, the immune system, boosting good mood, reducing stress making you feel more relaxed. Water you plants, do some gardening, appreciate wildlife, breathe in fresh air, feel the warm sun on your face and practice grounding. Grounding (or earthing) is simply walking barefoot on the earths surface, and reconnects your body with the free electrons that flow through the earth’s surface, and has a number of benefits.


  1. Diet

It’s easy to comfort eat and reach for the fridge when you have too many worries and too much time on your hands. It’s vital to maintain a healthy diet rich in wholesome nutrient dense foods, to nourish your body and to stay healthy and strong. Of course allow yourself the odd treat, a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate, but try to adopt the 80/20 rule of healthy nutrition 80% of the time. Binge and comfort eating may feel good at the time but leave you feeling bad about yourself, not to mention leading to weight gain and health problems. It’s tempting in moments of stress to crave alcohol, but this can heighten anxiety and depression. Treat yourself, but limit it and set yourself boundaries.


  1. Self Care

Just because you are stuck at home does not mean you should let yourself go! keep up your usual hygiene standards, wash, get dressed every morning, shave, brush your hair, paint your nails, put on your make up if it makes you feel better, and indulge in relaxing bubble baths and pampering rituals! Look after and treat yourself, you deserve it!


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