Sri Lanka Meal Plan

In Sri Lanka at our Bootcamp, we include three meals a day, seven days a week. and the food is good! So no worrying about where to eat and what, it’s organised.

We start off the day with an early breakfast. From 7 to 7:45 you are very welcome to join us on our breakfast deck overlooking the lagoon, beach and Indian ocean. Lunch is served at the gym there is a lovely little bar there and it’s a nice place to socialize.

Dinner is served at 7 pm.

Dinner is after our Mocktail hour in our Ultimate Fitness Resort. Mocktails are served from 5 to 6 pm and are included if you opt for the drink package.

We are committed to keeping our impact of the environment low so we have introduced a high quality mineralised, UV treated filtered water station, allowing you to refill your reusable bottles without the need for excessive plastic consumption. Our water is regularly tested to ensure it remains high quality. Price 10 eur per stay.

Also, you can include an unlimited tea, coffee, juices and coconut water and one protein shake per day (non-vegan) subject to availability. 

Price: €25 per week (Less than €3.60 per day). Included drinks may vary depending on bootcamp location.


Coffee, tea, water, egg any style (scrambled, omelette, boiled, sunny side up or a Sri Lankan omelette) accompanied by a Sri Lankan dish, or you can opt for the oatmeal banana and nuts with coconut honey. Also, we make sure you get fresh fruit. A good and healthy start of the day.


For lunch, you can pick from our Ultimate Fitness a la carte menu. A few examples are crunchy green bean salad, spicy lentil burger, mango noodle salad, fish with homemade chips, tacos with chicken. Water is also provided.


Dinner is freshly prepared for you and most evenings it will be buffet style, so there will always be a choice. Dinner could be fish, chicken or tofu prepared in the most delicious ways and accompanied by side dishes and salads.

All meals as described above are included in the price already.

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