Meal Options Spain Bootcamp

We include 2 healthy nutritious meals (Monday to Friday) during your stay at the Spain Bootcamp. (Except if you book the training only option).

Breakfast is served after your amazing yoga stretching class in the morning at our Resort. There is a set menu each day. You can expect a full buffet with yoghurt, the nicest fresh fruit like mango, banana, apples, watermelon, papaya, milk and cereal and boiled eggs with brown bread or toast.

For lunch, we give you every day deliciously fresh prepared food. For example lentil salads, pasta salads, chicken or tuna wraps and lots of vegetables and fruit. We always have vegetarian and gluten free options too!

We will surprise you from time to time with something new.

If you have any food allergies do let us know. We can cater for most but not for all diets. However, there are a lot of healthy and vegetarian and vegan options in the area, this is great for your evening meal out. Dinner is not included because there are a few very nice local towns with great restaurant options.

People tend to go out with the group and of course, we have many nice suggestions.


We are committed to keeping our impact of the environment low so we have introduced a high quality mineralised, UV treated filtered water station, allowing you to refill your reusable bottles without the need for excessive plastic consumption. Our water is regularly tested to ensure it remains high quality. Price 10 eur per stay.

Also, you can include an unlimited tea, coffee, juices and coconut water and one protein shake per day (non-vegan) subject to availability. 

Price: 25 eur per week (Less than  3.60 per day)

Included drinks may vary depending on bootcamp location.

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