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How to Remain Motivated to Exercise in Lockdown

Not everyone is lucky enough to be healthy and well in these strange times, but if you are then it’s extremely important to remain healthy and active. Working out can help you to reduce stress and anxiety, and also to help you keep you mentally and physically strong and healthy, and boost your immune system. It may be easier said than done since your world has been turned upside down and all routine has gone out of the window for many, but working out is actually probably one of the most important things you can do right now. Below are some tips to keep you on track and motivate you to stay active:

– Routine

I often find I get more done the busier I am. In this strange time of home quarantine, routine is easily tossed out of the window turning your days upside down and sometimes making it hard to get things done. It can be hard getting up in the morning and be motivated with nowhere to go. Make it a priority to set some time aside every day to work out…. and stick to it! If you write it down it can make it easier to not put off.


– Variety variety variety!

Do something you enjoy. Don’t do the same workout all the time. Mix it up! Do a HIIT workout, or yoga, an online exercise class, stretching session, dance to your favourite upbeat music, or do a strength workout using your environment (water bottles make great weights). Get creative and make it fun. Did you hear about the man who ran a marathon on his 7 metre balcony?!


– Connect

Connect with others virtually, live online classes or workouts on video call with a friend/ gym buddy or if you are lucky enough to not be alone, involve others you live with. If you can’t do it physically, surround yourself virtually with likeminded and motivated positive people. There is so much choice out there at the moment with more online workouts than ever before, most of them free. There is no excuse!

– Sleep

Remember that staying active promotes more sound and restful sleep. Physical activity increases time spent in deep sleep, the most physically restorative sleep phase. Deep sleep helps to boost immune function, and control stress and anxiety. Also try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day to keep some form of sleep discipline.


– Save your sanity

Staying active is a crucial coping mechanism for the mental pressures of quarantine. Everyone knows that exercise makes you happy 😃, so don’t forget that keeping fit and active is important for a healthy mind/ positive mindset and to alleviate stress. Keep a little journal and write down how you feel after training. That way you can go back and take a look at those awesome feelings when you’re just not feeling in the mood. Generally, we want to skip our workout because we’re tired, busy, low-energy, and have too many things to do. But when you’re done working out – hello endorphins! Write things down like: I feel great, I am so happy I finished that workout, I have so much energy, I feel so strong! These can also be used for daily affirmations.


–  Goals

Set yourself goals to motivate yourself (however big or small) and get competitive. Set up a virtual challenge with friends. For example a push up challenge, or take it in turns to write each other a WOD, or a pedometer steps challenge (you can download the app called Pacer).

– ‘Let food by thy medicine’

I know all too well how easy it is to reach for goodies in the fridge in quarantine (guilty!). When you eat unhealthy, processed, and high-sugar foods, your body doesn’t get the energy it needs. These foods make you feel tired, lazy, unmotivated, and grumpy. So, make sure you eat a balanced diet. This will in turn motivate you to work out more, and you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals.


– Immune System

finally, don’t forget that exercise, good quality sleep and a healthy balanced diet all play a part in helping to boost the immune system. Try to get enough vitamin C,D, Zinc and Selenium to boost your defence system and ward off sickness, via diet and/or supplements.

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