Flight Crew Fitness

Developed specifically for flight crew we have short-term packages for you to boost your fitness in between your flight rosters!

The flight crew fitness package is available at our bootcamps in Thailand (Phuket) and Bali and Mallorca Spain.

We know it hard to maintain your fitness in between the long hours you work which is why we have developed a  shorter intensive fitness programme which you could join in between your rosters.

Traditionally fitness bootcamps run a minimum of seven days, but with turnarounds on rosters being a maximum of four days we can tailor make a package for you.

The package is also flexible, which could be redeemed at rather last-minute notice We figure it must be quite hard to maintain a decent exercise regime working many hours in the air.

What more we also offer a referral programme to specific to flight crew: So that any flight crew who has already attended one flight crew fitness session, who passes on a referral could get a free place at another bootcamp for an additional four days.

Interested?  contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can benefit from our flight crew fitness package

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