Dominic´s Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Thailand Review

For those who know me know I am not the fittest, strongest or fastest human in the world (unless In water, I’m still fast). With bad eating, a terrible smoking habit and general lack of fitness I decided I needed a change. I convinced my sister to join me and we signed up for a month fitness holiday in Thailand.
We arrived in health heaven. A small street populated with outdoor gyms, massage parlours, hairdressers, health restaurants, juice bars, chemists, and even a suit shop. Immediately we felt comfortable, welcome and inspired.
We trained with UF among some of the most knowledgeable, patient and inspiring trainers anyone at any level of fitness could ask for. Days started with Body 360 and Crosstraining, an hour apiece before sitting down at the kitchen for a very hearty and healthy breakfast. Sweating in the Phuket heat and counting calories, we laughed and joked with some amazing people all like us looking for a new lease on their healthy lives.
Open mat ran from 11-1pm where the outdoor and indoor gym was at our disposal with supervision from trainers ready to help correct form, give advice or just bump some dirty rap while performing only what could be described as an outdoor thug workout.
4pm kicked off with boxercise or the assault course, followed by strength and conditioning training where personal bests were shattered every day and the day was closed with a spinning session or a Zumba class.
After a good day’s workout, the conversations became even more animated and Interesting while scuffing down immense amounts of protein and veggies or the occasional pizza.
And this cycle repeated itself for 28days!
Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat!!

Weekends provided great business for the massage parlours with sore muscles being attended to in order to be ready for the Monday where it happened all over again. Bars filled up, boat trips to Phi Phi were taken and the beach was hit in full force.

As much as I gained physically I gained in knowledge. It was always a case of “ok, here’s why we do this”. What I took away from this experience will stick with me forever and I will always look back on my holiday with fond memories.
I may not be entering Mr World anytime soon but I am certain this experience has kickstarted my new “lifestyle” of looking after my body and my mind equally!

Thank you to everyone I met along the way, and I urge anyone reading this to consider this experience.

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