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What are the differences?

Thailand Bootcamp/Bali Bootcamp/Spain Bootcamp/Sri Lanka Bootcamp

What Bootcamp location would suit me better? The UF Bootcamps on the island Phuket in Thailand, the island Bali in Indonesia, the island Mallorca in Spain or our Secret location in Sri Lanka?

We get this question quite often. And it’s quite hard for us to answer as we do not know why you want to join, what sort of results you are looking for etc. But please find below the most important differences. There are more details available but this is a good quick overview. It might help you.

You can always email us, or talk to us about your goals and what you want to get out of this trip too! Just so you know, we are here to help.
ok, here we go!


1. Beaches
In Thailand, you are 6km from the beaches, and also in Bali, you are a few kilometres from the beach (but closer than in Thailand), its easy to get by taxi, but not around the corner. In Spain, the beach is super close by, 50 meters! (beach with sunbeds is about 1 k ways, and so very walkable). In Sri Lanka the Accommodation and training facility are on the beach!

2. Training
In Thailand, there are about 6 group sessions a day, from boxercise to a type of CrossFit, to body pump, to zumba, to yoga, plus 2 Muay Thai training sessions a week. You name it!
In Bali, we have 2 gyms, our own gym next to the accommodation where you will have morning yoga sessions,  and 2 other sessions a day varying from technique, full-body workouts and boxing. Next to that, we work with a CrossFit gym, where the group sessions are Crossfit orientated, also a lighter form for beginners you can join called Metcom. Most people join do 3 sessions a day.
In Spain, we start the day off with Yoga, followed by High-Intensity training and a Stand Up paddle session. At the end of the day, we have another Fitness session, hike to secluded beaches or a beach training session. Most people join all classes.
In Sri Lanka, there are 7 sessions 5 days a week you can join. From Deep stratch to primal, top crossfit. also here we work with top trainers. We ave stand up paddle boards available too. There is also open gym , during which you can use all equipment too. People join about 3 to 4 sessions a day.

3. Gym
In Thailand, there is the most amount of equipment in the indoor gym, a 3 story high, air-conditioned gym with really good equipment. Also, there is a big outside, covered area in Thailand where you can do your own workouts and there are always trainers there to help you out. To be honest, most people make
little use of the indoor gym, but it’s there if you need it and its perfect if you want to get in some extra hours. There are always trainers to help you out and advise you if needed.
In Bali, there is a fan-cooled massive gym (biggest in Bali) with all you need for a good work out, a huge CrossFit box and a big area where we conduct some of our other sessions. The box also has rowers and other machines for you to use for warm-ups or all weights available for extra workouts. Next to that, we have our own gym next door to the accommodation, with all you need for a good work out.
In Spain there is no gym, it is all outdoor training, with a fantastic rooftop terrace for yoga and the natural park or beach for training sessions, and SUP in front of the accommodation in the Mediterranean. There are kettle bells, ropes, medicine balls etc there for you to use.
In Sri Lanka there is an air breeze and fan cooled open gym right on the beach. It is covered so you are sheltered from the sun. Some sessions we will do on the beach. Also we will have training equipment at the accommodation too.

4. Yoga
In most locations, 5 Yoga sessions a week are included. In Thailand, they are in the indoor gym, In Bali in the fantastic garden of the resort and in Spain on the roof terrace, or natural park. In Sri Lanka we do not include yoga, but deep stretch sessions.

5. Meals
In Thailand, we have our designated restaurant where you can have 2 meals a day Monday to Saturday (12 in total per week). Usually, breakfast and lunch but you can also choose to do lunch and dinner, that is up to you. To make the menu we have used expertise advice from our own nutritionist. You will get all your nutrition needs fulfilled. In Thailand, we can cater for all diets

In Bali, we have a meal plan included, of two meals a day from Monday to Friday (10 in total per week) Included in the meal plan are freshly prepared breakfast (in buffet form) and lunch. Breakfast is served at the accommodation and lunch at the restaurant of the training facility. We cater to vegetarian and gluten-free diets.
In Spain, we also include two freshly prepped meals a day, breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday. We cater to vegetarian and gluten-free diets.
In Sri Lanka we include 3 meals a day. Breakfast is buffet form with eggs, fruit, milk, toast.. you name it. There are a lunch and menu available and for dinner too. we cater for all diets.

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