Bali Fitness Bootcamp Canggu Training Facility

Ultimate Fitness has its own resort with next door training area in Canggu. There will be yoga sessions, High-Intensity interval training session, boxercise and other sessions from Monday to Friday. The sessions change every now and then, but there will be plenty of workouts.

The Bali Bootcamp is an intensive fitness programme, open to men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. What you can achieve depends on how long you stay, but even short-term guests benefit from the intensive workouts and personal attention from expert fitness trainers. There is a healthy eating meal programme included plus some fantastic, fun active activities also. Depending on the pack you book, we include surfing and amazing cultural trips & hanging out it Bali´s hotspots with new friends for life.

The schedule (can change) is as followed:

Sunday is your arrival day, so we pick you up from the airport, and check you into our accommodation.

During your time at the Bali Bootcamp, you can expect morning and afternoon group training sessions that include cardio, body strength and conditioning, core workouts and high-intensity training sessions.

Your first sessions are on Monday, this is also when we introduce you to all trainers. With an impressive roster of trainers and classes, we are continually improving our fitness routines. We have multiple classes to pick and choose from exclusive to our clients, beginners and advanced athletes are welcome. From Monday to Friday we include (not limited to) Yoga,  Metcon/Body 360, boxing/boxercise, core smash workouts, Tabata, HIIT training (High-intensity interval training), Battle Workouts, Booty Core and Circuit Training.

The timetable can change depending on the roster of trainers that week, and weather conditions, the schedule is not fixed,  but the above gives you an idea of some of the styles of training available. It is comprehensive for sure!

Remember: Everyone is welcome. We get people joining us for a wide variety of reasons. Some people are joining to get back into their fitness regime, but others are there to tone up, lose weight, some come back from an injury or even to push their fitness to a new level.

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