Why Choose Ultimate Fitness Holidays?

You don´t need a fitness holiday. But you will feel amazing if you take one.

Fitness and travel share similar benefits. Experiencing new places, meeting new people and feeling happier and healthier about yourself is a goal everyone should strive for. That’s what we believe anyway which is why we run fitness holidays in beautiful locations throughout the world. You will experience something new, meet new people and we guarantee you will feel better at the end of it.

When you take a fitness holiday with us, not only will you get fitter, feel better and look better. You will meet like-minded individuals and have incredible fun during the whole process.

Join our groups we have all the support you need.

Often it can be daunting turning up to one of our programs, particularly as most people travel on their own. But consistent feedback has shown, you will make friends and bond with other members of the group as you push your limits and improve your health and fitness under the guidance of our experts.

Taking a fitness holiday, gives you way more than just joining a gym. The lack of distraction and 100% commitment from everyone around you helps you reach those fitness goals.

We know you can do it.  And we help you to do it.

We can help you set the ground work in place to improve your fitness back home, and help you achieve incredible results that you could only dream of when dealing with your normal day-to-day work commitments.

We focus on Techniques

Industry-leading fitness professionals teach you the proper form and techniques to get the maximum amount of your workouts.  Incorrect technique can lead to ineffective workouts at best and at worst lead to injury. Even if you are a hard-core seasoned gym member you can always better yourself.  Because people from all over the world who work in the personal training industry attend here we are always on top of the most effective latest techniques.


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