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[3], Blue Band is sold in 65 countries — and are called Bonella, Country Crock, Doriana, Dorina, Imperial, La Perfecta, Maizena, Milda, Mirasol, Planta, Planta Fin, Primavera, Rama, Sana, Stork, Tulipan, and Vitam. they’re “self-evidently healthy”. BlueBand UK and Ireland, PO Box 75608, London, SW19 3RU. Water content: 16% maximum. More research is being done to understand the different kinds of fats out there and their potential health effects. PRICE AND AVAILABILITY The cost of blue band margarine (450g) varies from between N350 - … Brand success requires being the best at something relevant and differentiated. Blue Band has been a household name in the Netherlands for over 90 years! Blue Band. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Emulsifiers on the other hand are added for a reason that you are very well aware of from your daily life. Blue Band Ghana 146,890 views. Such is the extent of how prevalent and bad these trans fats are. Therefore, some of this “goodstart vitamins” may also be found in the other few brands of margarine that exist in the market not to mention the staggering variety of cooking oils and fat that don our supermarket shelves. How to make Oil Rice with Blue Band Margarine - Duration: 0:52. It is produced by Upfield except in southern Africa, and by Remgro-owned Siqalo Foods in southern Africa. 12%. This shift has had a negative impact on Unilever’s margarine business with it not doing that well globally; actually in some territories it’s apparently their worst performing unit. : Calorie breakdown: 99% fat, 1% carbs, 1% protein. Product details 5.0 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank 319,931 in Grocery (See Top 100 in Grocery) In particular, the brand targets school going children or rather capitalizes on the message that the margarine promotes growth at this developmental stage. For this reason, emulsifiers are added to prevent the two from separating. 88 / 2,000 cal left. Nevertheless, it’s completely unacceptable and I agree, some action ought to be taken to stop the clearing of the rainforest and not just for the Orangutans but also the farmers themselves, as the likely long-term side-effects of this destruction may only endanger their homes if not their livelihoods despite it being a lucrative deal at the moment. Trans fats are a by-product of the process of hydrogenation that we discussed earlier. ₦ 2,000. offers from. Margarine (Mentega) 8oz by Blue Band Often used as a place-holder for butter. Bekasi Indahnataliashop Calorie Goal 1,912 cal. In the case of palm oil, it’s 50% saturated however it does redeem itself by having significant amounts of healthy omega-6 fatty acids. Refined Vegetable Palm Oil and Fats (80% minimum), Water, Salt (<3%), Emulsifiers (Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids and Mono-diglycerides of fatty acids), Preservative (Potassium sorbate), Acidifier (Citric acid), Nature identical butter flavour, Colourant (Betacarotene) Fat content: 80% minimum. Blue Band Margarine Spread - 75g x 5. How long can one preserve blue band bread spread margarine in the refrigerator? Nevertheless, this whole event is not without its positives as people are now asking questions. Sodium 2,216g. I don’t have studies for the assertion that saturated fats raises cholesterol as I chose to stick to what is currently recommended by our health organs rather than be contradictory. To be able to withstand the same conditions that its counterpart is subjected to during distribution, Unilever uses the aforementioned emulsifiers to keep the product stable at high temperatures. Naturally it went viral and the hysteria from that realization has led many to mistakenly conclude that Blue Band is closer to a “plastic” than a food. CLOSE SUBSTITUTES Some of the close alternatives for blue band margarine includes moi margarine. Margarine as you may or may not know was formulated as a substitute for Butter. Add To Cart. 4.6 out of 5 (17) Add To Cart. Around the world, consumers know and love our products, including our iconic brands FLORA, RAMA, BLUE BAND, PROACTIV, BECEL, and COUNTRY CROCK. KSh 98. Many, including yours truly, have grown up using the brand as the preferred spread for our favourite breakfast starch: bread. KSh 714. Actually its put quite clearly on the label this way: Omega 3 and 6 For healthy growth and development of Children. ASIN B006MYC0XS Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. To be able to withstand the same conditions that its counterpart is subjected to during distribution, Unilever uses the aforementioned emulsifiers to keep the product stable at high temperatures. Blue Band Margarine Serbaguna Tube 250gr. *they have no underlying health conditions, family history or medications that put them at risk of high cholesterol; basically all uncontrollable factors that may put them at risk of having high LDL or low HDL. 100 % 9g Fat. Blue Band Margarine Spread For Bread 450g X 3. Fat 58g. KSh 1,520. Nevertheless, general recommendations from government bodies and health organizations such as the American Heart Association still hold that foods high in saturated fats should be limited. The divestment of the spread business will have some impact on PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk where its Blue Band is the leading margarine brand in the country. Luckily for Blue Band it’s not only packed with healthy fats but also some essential vitamins. Blue Band would therefore be considered “more healthy” if it was made of a less saturated vegetable oil such as olive oil, soybean oil or canola. Add To Cart. Likewise, as a consumer you have two choices: exit the Blue Band “business” for a clear-cut healthier alternative or you can stick around for the good it has to offer. Unilever makes no mention in Blue Band’s labelling on whether it contains trans fats or not. This happened in 1860’s France after Emperor Napoleon III sponsored a contest to a find a cheaper alternative to butter for his soldiers and the French lower class. 6 months if you check the dates on the pack). and if so, would you mind also sharing peer reviewed papers that prove that prior research on this has since been disproven? Find Blue Band Margarine Suppliers. Request for quotations and connect with international Blue Band Margarine manufacturers. Add To Cart. WHO has also come out recently with a plan to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fats globally. Blue Band Margarine - 250g Blue Band. Blue Band (known as Rama in Germany) is a brand of margarines, cheese spread and vegetable fat spreads. Add To Cart. Rp10.750. Butter for one is already making a comeback thanks to the aforementioned challenge on long held asertions about the effects of saturated fats on heart health. Note however that it’s unclear whether Blue Band is manufactured through this specific method. Thank you! Blue Band Margarine is low-fat margarine that is rich in vitamin A and other essential minerals. Luxury “Blue Band Margarine” was made by Unilever and it first appeared around 1920, when it was produced in Holland. According to Unilever, Blue Band Spread is a low fat margarine, a quality (desirable no less) that renders it less stable than the original variant which it classifies as medium fat. Shopping Safely for Food in Light of Covid-19, Ways to Keep Healthy Indoors during Coronavirus Pandemic, Coronavirus and why Optimal Nutrition is Important, Increase in Cancer Among Obese Young Adults and the Poor, Why You Shouldn’t Wait Too Long to Drink Your Fruit Juices, Blue Band Original (left) and Spread (right). *they’re taking a nutritionally diverse diet (“balanced diet”) while minimizing or cutting out completely what has been irrefutably established as a risk factor (e.g transfats) It helps meet everyday needs for nutrition & well-being and is suitable for all ages. 0 %--Carbs. Margarine can be used as a spread, or integrated into cooking/baking as a more shelf-stable option as opposed to butter and oil. 84 / 2,300g left. While our bodies can make other fatty acids it cannot synthesize these two. As such it would be prudent for you as a consumer to also consider other foods in your diet that may be implicated as unhealthy in their entirety or to certain subjective degrees as it’s the case here. Brand revitalisation requires finding and satisfying a new, important customer need. *their energy intake is well adjusted for their energy output, Blue Band Low Fat Butter Spread For Bread - 450g. Others in this group include coconut oil and palm oil kernel (oil from the seed rather than the fruit.). Blue Band products, from margarine spreads and cooking fats to cream alternatives and cheese spreads, have been a daily source of essential nutrients for families all over the world for decades. Blue Band Margarine is the leading Margarine brand of Pakistan. Encuentre los fabricantes de Blue Band Margarine de alta calidad, proveedores de Blue Band Margarine y productos Blue Band Margarine al mejor precio en Nevertheless, it does seem like Unilever’s answer to this is through their low fat spread variant. Add To Cart. However, its good that you brought it up. *they’re physically active Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids carry out important functions in our bodies one of which is promoting optimal growth and development. Brilliantly researched and articulated article. It is produced by Upfield except in southern Africa, and by Remgro -owned Siqalo Foods in southern Africa. Official Store. Trans fats have the reputation of being the worst kind of fat. Serving Size : 1 tbsp (14g) 88 Cal. KSh 74. offers from. Blue Band margarine. The emulsifiers used are likewise from plant sources however we can safely presume the mix or proportions in which they’re used is different to such an extent it makes it more stable than the Original variant in higher temperatures. Therefore, this carries most of the weight behind the claim as other vegetable oils in the market (save for some premium ones) do not fortify with these two. Bidco Gold Band Margarine - 250g X 12PCs. This claim could however be valid based on two reasons: An explicit labelling on the existence of trans fats would therefore save Unilever much of these speculation as trans fats almost always come up whenever the “healthiness” of Blue Band is brought up. GH₵ 9. Blue band margarine serba guna dengan omega 3 & 6 dan 6 vitamin. Based on the arguments I’ve presented here it’s reasonable to conclude that Blue Band has two sides: a healthy side and one in between. However, as with most things of this nature, moderation is usually the most reasonable approach for the majority. Before we can answer the question that this article is built around, we need to take a look at what makes Blue Band a margarine. History. Do you have a scientific peer reviewed paper that backs that up? 0:52. This is because unlike saturated fats that just increase the bad cholesterol (LDL), trans fats also lower the good cholesterol (HDL). Nevertheless, this is shouldn’t be merely a conversation on the healthiness of Blue Band as it’s about one’s entire diet. Your email address will not be published. Butter is not only expensive but over the years it has lost much of its popularity due to its high levels of saturated fats. Anyone remember Blue Band margarine, awful white greasy concoction that didn't taste of anything. Required fields are marked *. 75K likes. Still, it’s unclear whether this statement is true for all the other territories where Blue Band is produced. Return to. Blue Band (known as Rama in Germany) is a brand of margarines, cheese spread and vegetable fat spreads. The only thing they include along this subject is the industry popular zero cholesterol claim. Perfect for spreading, baking & cooking. Blue band margarine is a yellow soft cream that comes in an attractive yellow container with a blue lid/cover. Blue Band Pakistan. Because margarine is a plant-based fat, it also contains amounts of vitamins A B1 (Thiamine) B2 (Riboflavin) D and E. Saturated fats have traditionally been shown to increase the bad cholesterol (LDL) making them a risk for cardiovascular diseases. View all brands Newsroom Blue Band uses an emulsifier called lecithin which is usually commercially extracted from Soy. They include: This is however not especial to Blue Band as the law requires that staple foods such as flours, salt and cooking oils/fats be fortified with essential micronutrients. Of particular interest is a process called Hydrogenation and the addition of emulsifiers. Hydrogenation is what’s responsible for making the oils remain solid at room temperature thereby preventing them from going bad and as a result increasing the product’s shelf life. Blue Band Butter Blue band Margarine ... Blue Band Cuisine African Format Dried Manufacturer Unilever Additional Information. The margarine is manufactured by Unilever, a global company of a variety of consumer goods that can be found in shelves worldwide. Blue Band Margarine Spread - 250g x 3. Kelvin Muriuki is a trained Nutritionist and editor of Nutrition Point. The video that had originated from Nigeria had such a significant impact that Unilever Nigeria found it compelling enough to do some damage control in the way of a press release that clarifies the reasons behind the strange phenomena. Such is the case with Keto Diet, which, despite having a science to back its high fat, low carb diet, you get the sense some people may not follow it to the book and may essentially approach it as a “fad diet” rather than something to integrate sustainably into their lifestyle. This has however come it close scrutiny in the recent past with some quarters challenging this long-held assertion. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. This works for me and I believe it would for a large segment of the populace that has no time to sift through let alone the expertise to adjust their diets and lifestyles appropriately to whatever conflicting research is coming out every other day. No product with palm oil should be exempt from scrutiny, particularly if it is owned by a big multo national company like Unilever who despite all their philanthropy, still have a lot to answer for in terms of consequences if their bottom line. BlueBand UK and Ireland, PO Box 75608, London, SW19 3RU. Your email address will not be published. In 2017, after a very high-priced bidding war, investment firm KKR walked away with the prize, offering … While Butter is made from milk (explaining its rather luxury status) margarine is made from vegetable oils. 0 %--Protein. Upfield is determined to change the image of margarine. So I suppose it should be safe to refrigerate within this period. Forvita margarin/ margarin sachetan/bukan blue band margarin serbaguna. 5 out of 5 (1) Eligible for Free Shipping. Blue Band Margarine Spread - 12g x 10pcs. Did You Know You Can Eat Fruits of the Kei Apple (Kayaba)? Jakarta Selatan AMMart_id (1) Tambah ke Wishlist. A Dutch brand developed by Van den Bergh it remains widely available in Germany, where it has been sold since 1924. I’m aware of the negative effects the Palm Oil industry is having on the rainforests but not too well to comment on it. Blue Band was developed as a premium quality margarine. canola oil (the edible form of rapeseed oil), Palm oil and other tropical oils are naturally semi-solid in room temperature and thus unlike other vegetable oils, As it was stated earlier, hydrogenation is not the only processing method used in hardening fats. There are 71 calories in 1 portie (10 gram) of Blue Band Margarine. New logo/packaging: Rama, Blue Band and Planta (Unilever margarines) The multinational consumer products company Unilever was founded in the 1930s as a merger between a soap producer and a margarine company. Blue Band Butter Spread For Bread 900g X 2 Pieces. According to Unilever, Blue Band Spread is a low fat margarine, a quality (desirable no less) that renders it less stable than the original variant which it classifies as medium fat. ₦ 3,500. offers from. Share your thoughts or questions regarding the article. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that, while their may be little merit as to saturated fat being a risk factor for cholesterol, I believe that assertion may somewhat be “helpful” for people who are not too keen about how their diet, in light of our modern lifestyles, ultimately affects their health. Blue Band and Margarine’s morph into meaningfulness. Add To Cart. Subscribe to our blog to be notified whenever we publish a new post. He's also the founder of Journey Bytes, a tech blog and web design agency that seeks to help individuals and businesses grow their online presence through affordable and user-friendly websites. Unspecified Pack The net weight of blue band margarine varies from 450g, 250g and even single use sachets. Otherwise we should presume the product would melt/go bad and thus fail to meet acceptable quality standards. These instead have to be obtained from our diets from sources such as some vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, fish and other seafood. The Blueband Roots3 Margarine 1Kg is Now On Jumia Kenya At Carrefour Shop online. It only needs be stored in a cool dry place and should be okay as long as it has not passed its best before date (approx. Blue Band Blue Band - Margarine. Copyright © 2016-2020 Nutrition Point | Powered by. BLUE BAND Margarine Serbaguna 1 Dus isi 60 Pcs x 200 gr. Log Food. ₦ 8,500. The video is therefore just another case of misinformation. This is because margarine is made from vegetable oils that have less saturated fats compared to those from animal sources. Blue Band Margarine - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The investigations follow a video clip that went viral showing Blue Band margarine failing to melt in boiling water. Unfortunately, such margarines seem to be non-existent in this parts of the world. Blue Band is specifically made from palm oil, though margarines can be made from other vegetable oils. effects of saturated fats on heart health. GH₵ 9. As is claimed in the book “The diet Myth” by Tim Spector and “Keto Clarity” by a Jimmy Moore. But going back, as a result of this revelation Margarine was championed as a healthier alternative to Butter due to its comparatively lower levels of saturated fats. Processing is what’s responsible for putting these ingredients together into the final product we are all familiar with. Rp3.490. I still remember the day that Blue Band margarine was introduced to Alamdar Bakery in my home-town of Quetta, Pakistan. Apparently there was a video in circulation showing Blue Band Spread (variant with light blue cap) not dissolving in hot water. Ingredients. Package type. It is excellent for spreading, cooking, and baking. Every spread of Blue Band on bread is a delight. Brands, such as Blue Band, that were derided as pale non-dairy substitutes are now desired as manufacturers update and revise ingredients.

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