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New growth emerges purple and orange in the spring. Be the first to review this product. A Northwestern native treasured for its distinctive red bark. Grows as single or multi-stemmed large shrub/small tree; bark greenish to red, with tiered branching reminiscent of Japanese Maples. Built in 2017, Vine Maple Apartments offer 148 low-income affordable housing units in Portland’s East County. These branches often root to produce new trees, creating dense thickets underneath the shade of taller conifers. Click on image to view plant details. Contributions to Vine Maple Place are tax-deductible to … The Vine Maple is botanically called Acer circinatum. Centrosema molle. Although not a true vine, the growth habit resembles a vine as this tree is often multi-stemmed rather than single trunked and grows outward and up in a vine-like fashion. The community was designed with sustainability in mind using Earth Advantage standards, including Energy Star appliances, easy access to transit, and energy-efficient oversized windows to maximize natural light. Vine Maple The Maple Family–Aceraceae Acer circinatum Pursh. - vine maple stock pictures, royalty-free photos & … Actinidia deliciosa cv. Bryonia dioica. Your Vine Maple Tree, Acer circinatum, is a close relative of the Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum. Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire' SKU. (Ay-ser Ser-sin-AY-tum) Names: “Vine” Maple, although not really a vine, has very slender, often sprawling, branches. 2180. The Pacific Fire Vine Maple is a special, selected dwarf form of the Vine Maple, which was found among a group of seedlings and noticed for its brilliant red winter twigs. Calystegia sepium. The following photos will allow you to identify vine and other climbing plants. Description Considered to be one of the best native trees for the home landscape, and an important part of the Northwest forest, vine maple is widely enjoyed for its rugged growth habit, interesting bark coloration, and beautiful fall leaf color. 501(c)(3) Vine Maple Place is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Dainty red and white flowers adorn bare branches in early spring. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be 5 – 8 m (16 - 26 ft) rarely above 10 m (33 ft) high. Morphology: Leaves have 7 to 9 lobes and are almost circular. Cissus rhombifolia. The vine maple is a beautiful species of maple that is well known for its stunning fall color and smaller stature. It is a small, usually multi-stemmed tree or shrub. Circinatum refers to the […] Capparis spinosa. It will only grow to about 10 feet tall, so it is an ideal tree for a courtyard or smaller garden, or even as a specimen in a large pot , … Campsis radicans cv. They range in size from 2.5" to 4.5” in width, and have toothed margins. Family: Vine Maple Characteristics: Symmetrically-lobed and toothed leaves, soft green sometimes tinged with red in spring, turning to yellow/orange/red in the fall. Our Tax ID is: #91-2082308. This selection adds fiery colored foliage to the show. Once established in the landscape, they will tolerate almost any level of watering. The leaves are lobed and the flowers are greenish. Our Tax ID is: #91-2082308. vine maple (acer circinatum) in the fall, mount hood national forest, oregon, united states of america, north america - vine maple stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images a maple tree with autumn foliage, red leaves on the branches and falling from the trees. Pacific Fire Vine Maple. The tree likes Sun to half-shade at the location and the soil should be sandy to loamy . Browse 204 Vine Maple on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning vine maple or are building designer vine maple from scratch, Houzz has 204 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Serene Remodeling, LLC and Model Remodel. Vine Maples are native to the Pacific Northwest where they are usually found in moist woods or along stream banks. Facts: Acer circinatum.

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